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Press [Space] to enable or disable parameters:

ON - Marked with X.
OFF - Not marked with X.

Add New Items - Adds new inventory items from the Master store to those stores on the available stores list that do NOT have the Exclude from Inventory Update Store Information parameter enabled.

Update Existing - Updates data for existing Inventory items using the following fields:

Hidden Status
Selectable Comments
Average Cost
Last Cost
Fixed Cost
Base (& Qty) Prices
Sale Price
List Price
Price Level 1
Price Level 2
Price Level 3
Minimum Qty
Order Qty
Max Qty
Price Code
Tax Code
Commission Code
On Sale Flag
Matrix Table
Parent Stock Number
Use Scale
Closeout Item
Not Discountable
Order Multiplier
User Short Info 1
User Short Info 2
User Info 1
User Info 2
User Long Info 1
User Long Info 2
User Number 1
User Number 2
User Date 1
User Date 2
User Flags
User Flag 1
User Flag 2
Last Change Date

Exclude Hidden - Do not update items marked Hidden using the Hide/Show function.

Remove Deleted - If items have been deleted from the Master Store's database:
- Remove them from the other stores' Inventory too.
- Use the Master Store's Recall list to determine which items have been deleted.

Note: If the Master Store's Inventory database has been packed since an item was deleted, it will not be on the Recall list.

Matrix Items - Update information for individual Matrix items.

STRUPDTE.EXE (the stand-alone version of Inventory Update) can be used to run Inventory Update from the command line, in a polling script, etc.


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