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Report/Label Editor - Width = -2

When the Width is set to -2, the width of the field equals the width of the actual data which allows fields to be placed one right after another, or concatenated.

The best way to concatenate is to Concatenate Fields Using a Variable which allows for the control of the printed output using formulas and functions.

However, some properties cannot be controlled within Variables:

All Fields - A Flag cannot be set for just one field within a Variable.

Numeric Fields - The number of decimal places within in a Variable cannot be controlled.

To avoid the two Variables issues above, do not place fields that require different flags or numeric fields that require decimal places control in a Variable. Rather, print them all on the same line, and set the Width to -2 on each field. This allows for the concatenation of the fields, the setting of individual field flags, and the decimal places control for numeric fields.


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