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Database Manager - Contact Database - Main Screen - Salesperson

The Salesperson field displays the Contact's Salesperson. A Salesperson is a Clerk. The term "Salesperson" is used when attributing sales to a Clerk. If a Salesperson not assigned to the Contact Database record, the Contact's Customer Salesperson is used. If a Salesperson is not assigned to the Contact's Customer the default Salesperson value of 0 is used which defines the current Clerk as the Salesperson.

Unless a Salesperson is assigned to a Sales Transaction using the Salesperson field on the Complete Sale screen, assigned to the Customer's Contact (or Customer) attached to the Sales Transaction by the Customer's Database record, or assigned to a line item on the Sales Transaction using the Salesperson field on the Line Item Detail Screen, the Clerk who started the Sales Transaction is also the Salesperson.


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