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The Sales Payment Types Show Gratuity Field setting defines the payment as one that allows gratuity (tips) to be accepted.

Where to save the Gratuity To:
If the Show Gratuity Field setting is enabled, the Gratuity To setting is displayed just below the Change Back setting on the Sales Payment Types Settings screen. The Gratuity To setting defines how the gratuity (tip) amount entered on the payment is handled. If the default Cash (Payout as Change) option is used, gratuity is added in like any other payment amount. If the total tendered is more than the transaction + gratuity, change is given back.

If the Gratuity To setting is set to any other payment type, a balancing payment is created for the gratuity amount so that it is included in the amount tendered and is then available to be used on reports.

Credit Cards:

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When the Show Gratuity Field setting is enabled, the payment entry screen displays the "Purchase:", "Gratuity:" and "Total:" fields (instead of just the single "Amount" field). Initially the Gratuity and Total fields are left empty (Null) and are automatically skipped when the payment is first entered (the fields may still be selected manually). Even if these fields are left blank, the payment is still processed as a regular credit sale.

The payment can later be edited (by pressing [F3] on the payment). When edited, the Gratuity amount can be entered, and the payment is processed again as an Adjustment where the Gratuity/Total may be changed.

Note: Adding gratuity to a credit/gift card transaction can only be done if the current batch that contains the original payment has not already been settled (closed).

To enable the Show Gratuity Field setting for a Sales Payment Type:

- Select Sales Payment Types from the Configuration Manager Tables Menu.

- Select the Payment Type from the list.

- Press [Enter] to display the Payment Type Settings screen.

- Enable the Show Gratuity Field setting.


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