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The Sales Payment Types Change Back setting is used to define the payment type to be used to give back change when the amount tendered on a transaction is more than the transaction total.

The default setting is Cash (Change Made) which is the default, built-in change-handling payment type. A different payment type may be selected by using the Change Back button to display the list of payment options, including the built-in None (No Overpay) option which should be selected if Change Back is not allowed (such as with Credit Card payments).

If a payment uses a Change Back payment option other that the default Cash (Change Made), the Change Back payment type and change amount are displayed below the Tendered field on the Payment Entry screen while entering the payment. After the payment is entered, the Change To Be Given Back message is displayed to show the Clerk the amount of the change and payment type in which it should be given. The Change Back payment entry is created automatically. If the Change Back payment being used does not support coins (the No Cents option is enabled), the Change To Be Given Back message also displays the amount that needs to be given back as cash coins.


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