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The Sales Payment Types Discount/Surcharge setting is used to add a Discount or Surcharge to a Sales Transaction when the payment type is used.

The Payment Discount/Surcharge settings screen displays three parameters: Discount/Surcharge, Record As, and Payment/Item.

The Discount/Surcharge button is used to toggle between Discount and Surcharge. Both options work the same way except Surcharge adds the amount to the transaction total and Discount subtracts it. The Amount represents either Dollar (displays "$") amount or Percentage (displays "%") amount. Use the Amount Type button to toggle between the two.

The Record As button is used to toggle between Payment and Line Item to define how the Amount is to be accounted for on the transaction. Payment is recommended. If Line Item is used, the Inventory Item used to represent it must not be taxable and must have a blank Price Code.

The Payment/Item button is used to select the Sales Payment Type or Inventory Item to add to the transaction to record the Discount/Surcharge Amount.

The Discount/Surcharge Sales Payment Type setting is disabled for most processed payments (those that use a MICR Reader, KeyPay, Genius, or Vantiv/Worldpay Direct Authorization Methods).

Note: In Sales Manager, the additional Surcharge Amount is applied as the payment is first entered. Any additional changes (or removing the payment) does not change the Surcharge Amount that was added. If changes are required, it is recommended to remove both the amount added and the payment and then re-enter the payment.

Note: Various laws and merchant agreements may restrict how discounts/surcharges based on payments may be used. This feature simply calculates the discount/surcharge amount based on the transaction total (or fraction thereof paid for) and does NOT take any outside restrictions into account.

Note: Discount/Surcharge settings are not used when entering ROA payments.


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