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After setting up the Biometrics Reader hardware, Clerks must scan and save their fingerprints for use.

The Change Password function is used to scan and save fingerprints. Once a Clerk has logged in, they may access the Change Password function in the Utilities Menu. Select the [Biometrics] button on the Change Password screen to display the Capture Biometrics function for adding fingerprint scans.

Step-by-Step Instructions for Adding Fingerprint Scans:

- Each Clerk must setup their own Fingerprint Scans.

- Log in and enter password.

- Select Change Password from the Utilities Menu.

- Select the Biometrics button on the Change Password screen.

- Select Add New Scan on the Capture Biometrics screen.

- Keystroke will prompt to "Proceed with Enrollment Scan..."

- Press a finger to the reader scan surface using slight pressure. The unit will flash brightly. Repeat this step a minimum of four times using the same finger each time.

- After four successful scans, Keystroke confirms that "New Biometrics Data has been saved to Clerk #x". Select OK.

- Select Close on the Capture Biometrics screen.

- Select Cancel on the Change Password screen unless a password change is desired.

The Clerk's fingerprint may now be used as defined by the Biometrics Reader hardware parameter settings.

Note: Password change is not required to add a Fingerprint Scan


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