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A Biometrics Reader (a.k.a. Fingerprint Scanner) is a hardware device that may be used to capture a clerk's fingerprint and identify the clerk when using either the Enter Clerk or Time Clock functions. The device is controlled using OPOS Drivers and should work with any device that supports the OPOS system as a Biometrics device. Once the Reader Type option is set to Generic OPOS, then the Port setting will be displayed.

Port: The name of the installed OPOS device (i.e. DPFingerprintReader) is listed under the Port setting.

Use as Clerk Number: When enabled, readings from the Biometrics Device are checked and accepted at the Enter Clerk function and at the Time Clock function.

Use as Clerk Password: When enabled, readings from the Biometrics Device are used for the Clerk Password in addition to the Clerk Number.

When both Use as Clerk Number and Use as Clerk Password are enabled (most common), the Clerk record is located based on the biometric scan and the Clerk is NOT prompted for their password. This configuration allows Clerks to securely log in using only a fingerprint scan.

Note: The Biometrics Reader function has been tested with the U.are.U Fingerprint Reader from DigitalPersona, the Zvetco Verifi P5100 Fingerprint Reader, and the Crossmatch Eikon Touch 510 Fingerprint Reader. The OPOS drivers and DigitalPersona Installation Instructions are available to be installed using the Keystroke Update Installer located in the Keystroke program group under the computer's Start Menu.

Note: Clerk Numbers and Passwords can still be entered with the keyboard unless the Biometric Scan Not Required on Time Clock Security Level is used.

Note: OPOS is being deprecated (eventually no longer supported) by Microsoft and most hardware vendors. As such, it will no longer be available in a future release of Keystroke.


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