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The Standard Restore function restores files from backups created using the Standard Backup function.

When the Standard Restore function is run, the following warning message is displayed: "WARNING: This function can only be used to restore files from disks made with the Keystroke Standard Backup Function! Restoring files will overwrite current files. [OK] [Cancel]". Select [Cancel] to exit the Standard Restore function without restoring files. Select [Ok] to display the Restore Files (using 7-zip) setting screen showing the following options:

From: - defines the location of the files to restore (normally the same location used during the backup function).

Files: - defines the files to be restored (*.* = all files, *.DAT = all data files with the extension .DAT).

To: defines the location to which the Restore function will copy the files (the default is the location of the current data files, usually C:\Keystroke\Data\.

Select [OK] to continue with the restore and display the confirmation message: "Are You Sure?!? Files currently in system will be PERMANENTLY ERASED. Make sure backup set is in drive: [displays the information entered in the Restore Files setting screen From: field] [Yes] [No] [Cancel]". Select [Ok] to proceed with the restore function and restore files. Select [No] to return to the Restore Files setting screen. Select [Cancel] to exit the restore function.


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