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Returns From Customers

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The Returns Function (available only with Keystroke Advanced licenses) is used to quickly accept returns of items from previous Sales Invoices.

If using a license other than Keystroke Advanced:

When a Customer returns an item, the return is managed using a type of Sales Transaction.

Use a new Sales Invoice.

On the Invoice, enter the item being returned.

Enter the quantity as a negative number.

For example, if the Customer is returning three units of an item, enter the quantity as -3.

Do not change the Price.

The Amount and Total are automatically displayed as negative numbers because the quantity was entered as a negative number.

Handling returns using this method correctly adjusts Inventory, Customer reports, Sales reports, and provides a permanent record of the return transaction.

Follow store policy regarding the tendering for returns.

NOTE: Do not use Credit Memos to credit Customers for returned items.


Returns Function - available with Keystroke Advanced only

Returns: To Vendors

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