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Sales Manager - Shipping - Entering Shipping Costs as Inventory Items

If entering different Shipping types and costs as Inventory items, one can keep track of the Shipping cost/method for each transaction and track Shipping costs by Shipping method.

- In Database Manager, select Inventory from the Database menu.
- Select Add from the displayed options.
- On the Inventory database record, enter the Shipping method's information, as if it were an Inventory item.
- Enable the Service setting to prevent Quantity on Hand from being updated.
- Leave the Base Price set to 0 so the Shipping cost (which most likely varies by weight), can be entered in the Price column by hand.
- To enter Shipping costs for a transaction, enter (or select) the Shipping method as a line item.

Typically, an Inventory item is created for each Shipping method provided by a shipper (one for UPS Ground, another for UPS 1 Day, another for UPS 2nd Day, etc.)


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