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Store Link - Entry Parameters

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Item Field Button- Select the default item entry field from Description, Product Code, Stock Number, Class, or Manufacturer .

Enter Store First- New Store Transfer transactions begin with cursor in the To field.

Confirm Quantity- Stop on Quantity when items are entered.

No Out Of Stock Transfers- Transfer only items in stock in the From: store.

Confirm Cost- Stop on Cost when items are entered.

Copy Inventory Comment- Copy Inventory Database Comments.

Scan Serial Numbers- Scan Serial Numbers (turning OFF prompts to select Serial Numbers from a list).

Default To Save- Skip the Print button and go to Save.

Don't Update Master Store QOH- Master QOH is not updated (reduced).

From Line Item Cost box:

- Update Last Cost- Update the "Transfer To:" store's Last Cost.

- Update Avg. Cost- Update the "Transfer To:" store's Average Cost.

- Reset Avg. Cost- If Update Average Cost is ON and QOH is negative, Reset Average Cost.

- Calc Using Price Table- Updates cost fields from the Store Transfer Line Item Cost when saving a Store Transfer. If set to use a Price Table, the formulas from the Price Table that are based on a cost field are used to calculate the new cost as the inventory item is updated. Note: Does not calculate new costs in Store 0.

Don't change Current Store when Entering Module- Do not set the Current Store (the Store Transfer From: store) to the default store (defined by the store displayed at the top of the Stores List). Instead, use the data set from which Store Link was accessed (as defined by the Store Number field located in Configuration Manager under the Settings Menu, Name/Address settings). For example: If currently running a data set in which Store Number is defined as 4, then when entering Store Link, set the From: store to the Store Number 4 data set.

Close Program on Exit Module- The following message is displayed if the Store Link module is exited: "Exiting this module will cause the program to Close. [OK] [Cancel]".

Security Level to Change Current Store- The Security Level required to change the Current Store setting.


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