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Store Link - Consolidate Inventory

The Consolidate Inventory function is used to combine Inventory Quantities and Dates from all stores into a single inventory database. This is done by defining the Consolidated Store inventory database in the Transfers Menu, Inventory Consolidation Parameters. Once set up, run the Consolidate Inventory function using the Store Menu, Consolidate Inventory option. This function first erases all the quantity and date fields in the Consolidated Store's inventory database. It then reads in the inventory data from the other stores and combines it into the inventory database in the Consolidated Store. Once completed, the Consolidated Store's data can be used on reports and/or export functions to view the combined inventory of all stores.

To Consolidate Inventory:

- Define the Consolidated Store using the Inventory Consolidation Parameters.

- Select Consolidate Inventory from the Store menu.

- Before the Consolidate Inventory function runs, a confirmation message is displayed showing the name of the Consolidated Store as defined in the Store Information settings.

- Select [Ok] to continue.

- All of the stores on the list of available stores (that do NOT have the Store Information - Exclude from Consolidate Inventory option enabled) are included in the consolidation.

- To prevent a store from being updated, enable the Exclude from Consolidate Inventory option in the Store Information settings.

- Stores with "Exclude from Levels Reports" enabled in the Store Information Settings are not included in the consolidation.

- The "Exclude Hidden Items" option applies to the inventory items from the other stores as they are being read in (not the Hidden status of the items in the Consolidates Store).

The Consolidate Inventory function may also be run externally by running Keystroke\STRUpdte.exe with the command line switch ConsolidateOnly=1 (don't run Update Inventory, run just Consolidate Inventory even if the Run with Inventory Update - Inventory Consolidation Parameter is disabled) which uses the settings stored in the Store-Link Module and supports all the standard Keystroke command line switches.


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