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Example #1

This Filter example allows for the selection of only items sold before the beginning of 2018 with a low Quantity on Hand and a low Profit.

[INV:LastSold]<010118&&[INV:QOH]<=5&&[INVC:% Profit]<=30

The filter includes only items that were sold before 01/01/18 AND have a a Quantity-On-Hand of five units or less AND with a profit of 30% or less.

What this filter does:

- Compare each item's Last Sold date with the date 010118.
- Then it checks each item for a Quantity on Hand of five or less.
- Then it looks at the Profit to determine if it is less than or equal to 30%.

Filters may include general, logical, and arithmetic Operators (i.e. Greater Than, Equal Tto, Contains) as well as Functions such as And, Or, If-Then-Else, etc.

Operators and Functions may be combined to produce complex filters.

Example #2

A single filter, for instance, could select:

- Items with a QOH that is less than the Minimum Order Quantity, or

- Items with either List Price from $150.00 to $500.00 or Base Price from $100.00 to $450.00 and a QOH of 10 or less, or

- Items with a List Price of over $500.00 and a QOH of 5 or less, or

- Items with a Base Price of $1000.00 or more regardless of quantity, or

- Items with a description that begins with the word "Premium", regardless of price.

This filter looks like this:

[INV:QOH]<[INV:MinQty]||(([INV:ListPrice]>150&&[INV:ListPrice]<500)||([INV:Price]>100&&[INV:Price]<450)&&[INV:QOH]<10))||([INV:ListPrice]>500&&[INV:QOH]<5)||[INV:Price]>1000 ||[INV:Description] Premium*


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