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Group By - Displays the Group By Options Screen and determines if the report is grouped and displays group sub- totals.

Inventory - Displays the Inventory Options Screen.

Matrix Items - Select Matrix Items for the report.

Skip Non-Matrixed Items - Do not include information for items with no Matrix Table.

In Stock Only - Include information only for items with Quantity On Hand greater than zero.

On Sale Only - Include information only for items designated as On Sale.

ReOrder Only - Include only items for which the Quantity On Hand is below the sum of the Minimum Quantity + the On Order Quantity.

Exclude Service Items - Do not include information for items designated as a Service Item.

Add Allocated to QOH - Adds the Allocated Qty to the QOH.

Add Layaway to QOH - Adds the Layaway Qty to the QOH.

Leave QOH Blank - Leave the Quantity On Hand blank.

Use Last Cost - Display Last Cost instead of Average Cost.

Roll Child into Parent - Include a Child item with its Parent on the report.

Form - Lists the Forms available for use with the current report.

Print To - Print to a Screen, Printer, or File.


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