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Production - Setting up & Running Productions

The Production Module is used to manage Inventory levels for items that are made from individual components and sold as a single product (such as parts assembled into a computer) or for products that are purchased in bulk and sold as individual items (also referred to as a "reverse production").

The Inventory Production interface resembles a standard transaction.

To create a Production Run, begin on the Production Item Template screen. The fields on the Item Template screen identify the item to be produced and the Production Run settings. Select the Production Item to be produced by pressing [Ins] to select it from the Inventory Lookup List. If a Production Item Template already exists for the Production Item, Keystroke displays it.

- Enter the Quantity To Make.
- Verify the Base Price.
- Select the fields to be updated when the Production is run: Last Cost, Average Cost, Total Sold/Purchased.
- Enable Auto Produce to automatically include the Production Item Template when Auto Produce is selected from the Template menu.
- Select Ok or press [F10] to save the Production Item Template settings and proceed to the Inventory Production screen (press [F8] to return to the Production Item Template screen if necessary).

The items entered on the Inventory Production screen are the Components that make up the Production Item.

Select the Component Items required to produce the Production Item by entering them by Stock Number, Product Code, Description, Class, or Manufacturer (or press [Ins] to select them from the Inventory Lookup List, pressing [F9] to switch between entry modes if necessary).

Verify the Quantity and Cost of each Component Item.
- The Qty, Cost, and Total columns are based on the production of one Production Item unit.
- The Need Quantity of each Component Item is displayed in the Need column.
- The available Quantity On Hand (QOH) of each Component Item is displayed in the QOH column.
- If the QOH is less than the Need Quantity, there is insufficient availability of the Component Item.
- The Total Cost of all Component Items is displayed at the bottom of the Inventory Production screen.
- After entering all required Component Items, press [F10] or [Enter] to complete the Production Template and continue with the Production Run (including entry of Optional Component Items).

Item Template screen:

Item Template - Contains the Production Item Production Run settings.

Qty To Make - The Quantity of the Production Item to be produced.

Inventory Production screen:

Item - The Description of the item to be produced (as defined on the Item Template screen).

Date - The date of the Production Run.

Description - The description of each Component.

Qty - The Quantity of the Component required for one unit of the Production item.

Cost - The Cost per unit of the Component.

Total - The Total Cost of each Component per unit of Production Item.

Need - The Quantity of each Component required for the Production Run.

QOH - The Quantity On Hand for each Component.

Total Cost - The Total Cost of all Components in the Production Run.


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