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Purchase Manager - Menus - Transaction - Edit/Print

The Edit/Print function is used to:

- Edit and Review Purchase Transactions.
- Enter quantities when receiving orders.
- Add payments to transactions.
- Print records of existing transactions.

To edit or print a Purchase Transaction:

- Select Edit/Print from the Transaction Menu to display the list of Purchase Transaction Types.
- Select a Transaction Type from the list to display the Sort By list.
- Select the order in which to sort the transactions to display the Transaction Lookup list in the selected sort order.
- The Sort By Button and Left/Right arrows may be used to change the Sort order on the Transaction Lookup list screen.
- The Filter button at the top left of the Transaction Lookup list screen may be used to search for a transaction using a Filter.
- Select a transaction from the list to display it. The word EDIT is displayed in the lower right-hand corner of the screen.

To receive items on a Purchase Order:

- Select Edit/Print from the Transaction Menu.
- Select the transaction, either from the Order or the Open Order list.
- Navigate to the Purchase transaction's Received quantity field.
- Enter the total quantity received for each item. If the quantity ordered is not received in full, enter the total received to date. For example, on an order for 10 widgets, if only 5 are currently being received, enter 5. When the other 5 arrive, repeat this process. The widget's Total Purchased and On Hand quantities in the Inventory database are updated when the widgets are received.

To print the transaction, navigate to the Complete Purchase Transaction screen, select the [Ok] button or press [F10] to display the Print Button options.

- To locate a transaction from a date prior to the current transaction file, an older transaction file may need to be displayed on the Transaction Lookup List screen. The Date Range for each transaction file is displayed at the top of the Transaction Lookup list screen.

- Use [Ctrl]+[PageUp] or the Prev File button for the previous transaction file.
- Use [Ctrl]+[PageDown] or the Next File button for the next transaction file.
- Use [Ctrl]+[Home] to jump directly to a file by date. Enter a date on the File Date screen and press [Enter].

Note: When Open Orders is the selected Edit/Print Transaction Type, the Transaction Lookup List sort options include additional Inventory item fields.


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