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Login Screen

The Login screen is displayed when Keystroke software is started. Keystroke users log in by entering their Clerk number and password. Managerial-level users are required to login with a password.

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The information shown on the Login screen includes the Version and Build Number, the Serial Number, and a description of the Keystroke license currently running.

To proceed:

Enter a valid Clerk Number or use the Lookup List button to select a Clerk from the Clerk Lookup List (providing the Disable Clerk Lookup parameter has not been enabled).

Enter the Clerk's password.

If a Clerk's password is entered incorrectly more times than the Passwords Max Attempts setting, Keystroke scrambles the Clerk's password and disables the Clerk. To reactivate the Clerk, a Manager or other Clerk with an appropriate Security Level must reenter the Password in the Clerk Database.

To enter or retrieve Keystroke License Information:

Press [Shift]+[F8] at the Login screen BEFORE entering Clerk number and password. The "License Information will be entered after Clerk Login. [Ok] [Cancel]" message is displayed. Select [OK] to continue with Login and License entry/retrieval or [Cancel] to continue with Login only. When [OK] has been selected and Login has been sucessfully completed, the Set Keystroke License screen is displayed with the following fields:

Version: - Displays the current Version and Build number.

Serial Number: - Enter the Keystroke Serial Number (if not already displayed).

License Key: - Enter the Keystroke License Key (if not already displayed).

Set license for data in X:\Keystroke\DataFolder check box - Enable to set the license for Keystroke data files located in the path displayed where X=drive letter and DataFolder=the name of the folder in which the data files are located.

Retrieve Updated License button - Click to retrieve the updated license from the Keystroke License Server.

Enter Product ID Instead button - Click to display the Prod ID: field. Enter the Product ID and select the Use Prod ID button to continue.

When the login (and license information) is accepted Keystroke displays the Navigation Menu.

See: Navigation Menu

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