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Forms Editor - Menus - Form Menu - Save

The Forms Editor - Form Menu - Save option is used to Save changes made to Form Files.

Use Save to display the Save Form screen. The Save Form screen displays the file name of the current Form File. Either verify the file name or enter a new one.

The path, (drive letter and/or sub-folder), and file extension are optional. The current path and appropriate extension are used automatically.

If a file already exists with that name, the Save function prompts to overwrite the file. Select [Ok] to save the Form File Changes to the same file name. Select [Cancel] to return to the Save Form screen where a different file name may be entered.

It is recommended to enter a different file name when saving changes to Form Files installed with Keystroke. Form Files support the use of mixed case file names.

To use/print the edited Form File:

- Navigate to the Configuration Manager.
- Select the Tables Menu.
- Select Print Buttons.
- Select Form Files from a Print Button screen.
- Select the newly named Form File from the list.


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