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Database List Editor - Validation and Entry Based on the First Characters

Validation and Entry of a value from a Valid Entries List may also be controlled using the "*" (asterisk character) to require validation of only the first part of an Entry (ignoring the remaining characters).

In the Value Column on the Edit Valid Entries List screen, enter the part of the Value that requires validation, followed by the asterisk character. Any Entry matching the characters before the "*", and followed by additional characters is considered a Valid Entry.

For example, if the Value is "Smith*", Valid Entries include anything beginning with "Smith" such as:
Smith Holding Co.
Smith & Johnson

Invalid Entry examples include:
S. Smith

Note: If any characters are placed after the asterisk in the Value, the asterisk is treated as a character in the Value and requires a match for the entire Entry. For example, the Value Smith*field allows only Smith*field as a Valid Entry.


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