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Data Importer - Import Field Position

The Field Position in File box on the Import Setup screen is used to match fields in records from the Import File with the fields into which they are to be imported in the Keystroke database records. The list of field names varies depending on the selected database setup screen. The Inventory setup screen displays Inventory database field names, the Customer setup screen displays Customer database field names, etc.

Three columns display the list of available Keystroke database fields. The first two columns from the left display the Keystroke database field numbers and labels. A third column is provided to enter the field position number for the appropriate field from the Import File.

For example:
If the second field in the Import File records contains the Product Code, select Code from the list of Keystroke database fields and enter 2 in the third column. Follow this procedure for each field to be imported from the Import File.

A field from the Import File may be imported into multiple Keystroke database fields.

For example:
If the records in the Import File contain only one price field, that price field can be imported into more than one Keystroke database price field. Enter the same Import File field position number into the third column of more than one Keystroke database price field (such as ListPrice and BasePrice).

The Auto Number function (press [Shift+F8] to activate) sets all the fields to 0 if the first field has a number in it. Otherwise it numbers all the fields in order from top to bottom.

Note: Some fields at the bottom of the Field Position in File list are marked with an asterisk * and are referred to as Special Import Fields.


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