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Data Importer - Special Import Fields

Special Import fields, located at the bottom of the Field Position in File list, are not standard Keystroke fields. Some are marked with an asterisk * and are included because other programs (from which this data may have been exported) may store the data in the indicated format. These fields may be used to import data that is stored as a single field in the Import File (source data file), but need to be imported into multiple fields in Keystroke.

These fields include:

First + Last Name * is imported into Customer FirstName and Customer LastName

City+ST[+ZIP] * is imported into Customer or Contact City and Customer or Contact State and Customer or Contact Zip

Mail City+ST [+ZIP] * is imported into Vendor City and Vendor State and Vendor Zip

Ship City+ST [+ZIP] * is imported into Vendor ShipCity and Vendor ShipState and Vendor ShipZip

Rep. First + Last Name * is imported into Vendor Rep FirstName and Vendor Rep LastName

Matrix Code * is imported into Inventory Matrix item Stock Number and Element Code

The special Photos (copy from) field is displayed at the bottom of the Field Position in File list (where applicable). When this field is used, the text imported is treated as the name of the file to be copied to the "Photos\" folder below the data folder. The name should be the full path and filename of the image file to be copied (a path relative to the program directory may be used). Also, URLs are supported so images can be copied from websites. For example, with the source file fields set as "Description=1, BasePrice=2, Photos=3" and a line from the file being imported set as: "New Test Item", 3.23, ", the image AdvancedPOS.gif is download and saved to: "C:\Keystroke\Data\Photos\1.gif" (where 1 is replaced by the StockNumber).


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