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The Sales Payment Types Show Auth Field setting is used to display the Authorization Code field on most Credit Card, Debit/ATM, Gift Card payment types. Normally, the Authorization Code is returned by the payment processor but it may also be manually entered (must be either 5 or 6 characters only - or "O.K." if using an In-House List Authorization Method Type) if the authorization is received from another source such as through a voice authorization.

The Authorization Field's access is based on each Payment Type's Security Level setting.

CAUTION: it is recommend that the Enter Auth Code Security Level for each Payment Type be set to 0 or -1 if the Show Auth Code setting is enabled. It is common for Clerks to enter the CVV2 number in the Authorization Field by accident, causing the appearance of an approval, when in fact the credit card information was never sent to the processor.

To enable the Show Auth Field setting for a Sales Payment Type:

- Select Sales Payment Types from the Configuration Manager Tables Menu.

- Select the Payment Type from the list.

- Press [Enter] to display the Payment Type Settings screen.

- Enable the Show Auth Field setting.


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