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The Sales Payment Types Parse Reference setting is used to mask the Reference field's sensitive credit card information with * symbols when it is entered or viewed and should be enabled for Credit Cards, ATM/Debit, etc. Entry and viewing of the Reference field is based on the Display Ref. Characters (Add) and Display Ref. Characters (Edit) Payment Security Levels.

Note: Enabling the Parse Reference setting causes the Reference Field to be masked when printed on forms or reports or when exported. The Reference field contents and Expiration Date may still be viewed by editing the payment or by creating a custom report that uses the special "- Not Masked" fields.

To enable the Parse Reference setting for a Sales Payment Type:

- Select Sales Payment Types from the Configuration Manager Tables Menu.

- Select the Payment Type from the list.

- Press [Enter] to display the Payment Type Settings screen.

- Enable the Parse Reference setting.


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