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The Sales Payment Types Always Mask Ref/ExpDate setting is used to ensure the Reference and Expiration Date information is never shown in its unmasked form (this includes the screen, reports, and export functions). This setting should be enabled for all payment types that are required to meet the credit card industry's data storage standards.

Note: This setting's status is stored with each payment as it is saved and changing the setting does not affect payments that have already been saved. Even the special "- Not Masked" fields available on some forms, reports, and displays are still masked. Payments saved with the Always Mask Ref/ExpDate setting enabled have an additional layer of encryption on the Reference and Expiration Date fields. This is so if the data were somehow compromised and the setting disabled on the payment, the Reference and Expiration Date fields are still not be displayed since they have failed the decryption process.

To enable the Always Mask Ref/ExpDate setting for a Sales Payment Type:

- Select Sales Payment Types from the Configuration Manager Tables Menu.

- Select the Payment Type from the list.

- Press [Enter] to display the Payment Type Settings screen.

- Enable the Always Mask Ref/ExpDate setting.


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