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The Price Pattern defines the digits to be rounded and to what number they should be rounded.

The Price is treated as a series of digits:

- Penny digit: $0.01
- Ten cent digit: $0.10
- Dollar digit: $1.00, etc.

Use Simple Entries:

- For each digit that that should be rounded, enter the value to which it should be rounded.
- For each digit that should not be rounded, enter X.
- It is not necessary to enter an X in all digits (XXXX.95 is treated like X.95).

The digits to the left of an item's original Price are ignored. The most significant digit of a Price is normally not rounded. For example:

5X.95 would round $1.89 to $1.95 and not $51.95.
5X.95 would round $19.57 to $19.95 and not $59.95.

More Price Pattern examples:

X.95 - All prices end in 95 cents.
X9.99 - All prices end in 9.99.

Use the Test button to test the price rounding settings. Enter a price and click on Test.

Note: If prices should not be rounded at all, leave this field blank.

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