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Certificate Number tracking is used to help track the numbering of consecutively numbered Gift Certificates. Certificate Numbers may be up to 9 digits long and must be integer numbers ranging from 0 to 999999999. To activate this feature, enable the Copy Inventory Comment Transaction Entry Parameter. Then, enter a tilde ("~") character followed by a starting number in the Comment field on the Inventory database record for the Gift Certificate item. That number is the next available Certificate Number for that Inventory item. Because the Copy Inventory Comment parameter is enabled, when an item is entered on a Sales Transaction the Inventory database Comment is copied to the line item Comment. When the transaction is printed or saved, the the tilde character is replaced with a space character, and the next available Certificate Number for the Inventory item is increased by one. The Certificate Number may be placed anywhere within the Inventory Comment field, but must immediately follow the tilde character.

Note: The Certificate Numbering feature is intended to be used as a convenience only, and does not provide any security to prevent Clerks from changing the Certificate Number inappropriately. The "next number" can be edited at any time by changing the Comment on the Inventory record or on the line item.

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