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Configuration Manager - Menus - Settings - Sales Transaction Types - Parameters - Complete Sale - Other - Min Payment

The Min Payment Complete Sale Parameter defines the minimum payment amount required for the Transaction Type. If set to 0 ($'s or %), no payment is required. If set to 100%, the full amount due must be entered.

Note: To change the Min Payment between percentage and dollar amount, navigate to the percent (or dollar) sign button to the right of the Min Payment field and use the [SpaceBar] to toggle between percentage and dollar amount.

If less than the minimum payment requirement is entered, the transaction may not be completed and the "Payment less than Minimum Payment! You must enter a total of [Min Payment Required] before proceeding." message is displayed.

Note: After the above message is displayed, Clerks with adequate security (Managers) are presented a second message: "Manager: Would you like to override the Minimum Payment requirement on this transaction? [Yes] [No] [Cancel]". Selecting either No or Cancel maintains the Minimum Payment requirement.

There is no prompt to save the transaction as a Layaway. If the Transaction Type allows it, the transaction may be manually converted to a Layaway by pressing the HotKey combination for Layaway ([Ctrl]+[L] by default).

To set a Minimum Payment requirement:

- Select Transaction Type from the Configuration Manager Settings menu.
- Select the Transaction Type from the list.
- Select Complete Sale Parameters on the Transaction Type setup screen.
- On the Complete Sale Parameters screen, select Min Payment.
- Enter either a percentage or dollar amount.
- Press {Enter] or [F10].


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