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The Discount Complete Sale Display Fields Parameter displays the Discount field.

The Discount field is used to apply a bottom-line discount to a sale. The discount may be either a dollar or a percentage amount. To toggle between dollar and percentage display modes, press [F9]. To apply a surcharge (a service charge, for example), enter a negative amount Discount. The Discount amount is applied to the Invoice SubTotal, after normal line item mark-downs and before Sales Tax and Shipping are calculated. Sales Tax and Shipping are calculated as if the discount amount was distributed proportionately across all line items. If a Customer's database record includes a discount amount (in the Discount % field), it is automatically applied to the sale and my be adjusted manually using the Complete Sale screen Discount field.

When enabled, the Discount field is displayed on the Complete Sale screen and a Discount may be entered when completing the transaction.

When disabled, the Discount field is not displayed.

To enable display Discount:

- Select Sales Transactions from the Configuration Manager Settings menu.
- Select the desired Transaction Type from the pop-up list.
- Select Complete Sale from the Parameters box on the Transaction Type setup screen.
- On the Complete Sale Parameters screen under Fields Displayed, select Discount.
- Use the SpaceBar or the left mouse button to enable the setting.
- When enabled, it is marked with an X.

X = ON
blank = OFF
Switch ON and OFF using SpaceBar


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