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Configuration Manager - Menus - Settings - Parameters - Decimal Points

The Decimal Points parameter settings are used to set the exact number of digits to be shown after the decimal point on Price fields, Cost fields, and all other Money fields.

The Price and Cost fields have both a minimum and maximum setting.

- The minimum setting defines the number of decimal points to display even if the ending digits are 0.

- The maximum setting allows more decimal points to be entered but displays them only when necessary (when the ending digits are not 0).

Defaults: The default for all settings is 2 and displays all monetary values as $0.00. To emulate the old 3 digit price/cost setting, set the maximum parameters to 3 to display the number 1.2345 as $1.236 and 1.200 as $1.20_ (the last 0 is replaced with a space for alignment purposes).

Money: The Money field defines the number of decimal points to display on all Monetary fields that are not specifically marked as a Price or Cost field.

Num Spaces: On most systems, characters are displayed in a proportional font where the Space character is half the width of a number character. To make the decimal points on Price and Cost figures line up, any dropped characters are replaced with 2 space characters. Change this setting to 1 if using a fixed space font or to 0 to remove the number padding on the right ($1.23 and $1.2345 are then both right justified and the decimal points are not lined up).

Price (-99): When specifying the number of decimal points to be displayed in a field (on a report, form, screen, etc.) the token "-99" means use the current setting for the Price Min/Max decimal points.

Price (-98): The token "-98" means use the Cost Min/Max decimal points settings.

Cost (-98): Works the same as the -99 token but uses the Cost Min/Max decimal points settings.

Note: The Fixed Decimal Point Parameter inserts the decimal point based on the Money Decimal Points setting.

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