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Configuration Manager - Menus - Settings - Databases - Quick Search Delay

The Quick Search Delay parameter adds a delay after the first Quick Search key is entered in a Lookup List. It is most commonly used look up an item without entering it on a transaction using a Barcode Scanner or a Programmable Keyboard.

To enable Quick Search Delay:

- Select Database from the Configuration Manager's Settings menu.

- Enter the Quick Search Delay time, in seconds.

Note: A Delay time of 0 disables Quick Search Delay.

To use Quick Search Delay:

- Press [Ins] in the Line Item Description field of a transaction.

- Scan the item or locate it using the keyboard.

- Verify the item you need is highlighted.

- Press [Ecs] to exit the Lookup List without selecting the item.

Note: The item is automatically selected if the [Esc] key is not used during the delay time frame.


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