Keystroke Point of Sale Help

Quick Search

Quick Search is the fastest way to locate a record on the Lookup List screen.

- Enter the first characters of the Search term for the record to be located.
- Keystroke displays first item that is the closest match to the characters entered.
- Use [BackSpace] or an arrow key to edit or reset the Quick Search characters.

To search using a filter:

- Press [Shift]+[F2] or use the Filter button to open the Quick Search, Search For screen.
- Use the Field button to select a Filter field.
- Enter the search string in the Contains: field.
- Press [Enter] or use the [Ok] button.
- Enable the Whole Word Only parameter if needed.
- Keystroke displays only the records that contain the characters entered in the search string.

For example, to search for all the items with the word "Pencil" in the description:

- Press [Ins] to open the Lookup List screen.
- Sort the list by Description.
- Press [Shift]+[F2] or use the Filter button to open the Search For Screen.
- Enter "Pencil" in the Contains: field.

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