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The Inventory Percent Fields parameters define how the Inventory Percent Fields work. Theses fields are located on the Inventory Database Main Screen and are used with Reports and Inventory Exports.

By default, the percent fields next to the main price fields display Profit Margin based on the Average Cost.

Enable the Show Mark-Up instead of Profit Margin parameter to change the display to use Percent Mark-Up instead of Profit Margin.

Enable the Start Calculator in Mark-Up Mode parameter to display the Percent Profit Calculator (displayed by pressing [Ins] or [F2] from a price field) in Percent Mark-Up mode instead of Profit Margin mode.

Note: The Percent Profit Calculator may be toggled between Percent Profit and Percent Mark-Up modes by pressing [F9]. It remembers the mode in which it was last used and begins in that mode again the next time the calculator is used.

Enable the Based on Last Cost instead of Avg Cost parameter to base the Mark-Up or Profit Margin on Last Cost rather than Average Cost.

Note: If the Inventory Percent Fields, Based on Last Cost instead of Avg Cost parameter is enabled, the Percent Profit Calculator is also based on Last Cost.


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