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Several database indexed fields may contain the same values:

Product Code, Class, Manufacturer, Description, etc.

Customer Code, Customer Zip Code, Vendor Code, etc.

When a value is entered in one of these fields that exists in more than one database record, the Which One? List is displayed. This list displays all of the records with that same value (ten items at a time).

Enabling the Hot Keys in Which One List parameter allows selection of an item from the list using a hot key (1, 2, 3, etc.).

To enable Hot Keys in Which One List:

- Select Database from the Configuration Manager Settings menu.

- Select Hot Keys in Which One List with the [Spacebar] or mouse click to mark it with an X.

When enabled, each item in a Which One List is numbered.

- The numbers are the hot keys.

- Select an item by entering its number.

- Use the [UpArrow], [DownArrow], [PageUp], [PageDown], [Home], and [End] keys to navigate the list.

When disabled, the items in a Which One list are not numbered.

- Use the [UpArrow], [DownArrow], [PageUp], [PageDown], [Home], and [End] keys to navigate the list.


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