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To set up the EVO - Keystroke Direct device:

Complete all the steps described in the appropriate PDF Setup Instructions EVO Lane3000/5000/7000 Setup Instructions or EVO Move5000 Setup Instructions up to the Setup the Keystroke Direct Authorization Method(s) section. Before setting up PIN Pads in Keystroke they need to first be connected to the network and powered up. The IP Address to be used for each PIN Pad should be noted because it needs to be entered in the Keystroke set up described below.

The Keystroke set up is done in the Configuration Manager and can be completed from inside the Tables-Sales Payment Types menu. Select the first payment type that should be processed through EVO and then click on the "Auth Method" button. Press [Ins] to add a new Authorization Method and enter a short filename (e.g. EVO).

Use the "Type" button to set it to "EVO - Keystroke Direct" and select "Ok" to proceed to the Authorization Method setup screen.

The "Card Present Merchant ID" field on Keystroke Direct Authorization Methods is required to be completed for new PIN Pad brands/models made available from v8.01.21 forward. This MID must match the one recorded in the PIN Pad. If the MID does not match the one in the PIN Pad, an error is given and the transaction does not proceed. If a different MID is entered (other than blank), a warning message is displayed stating that this will not change the MID used by the PIN Pad. PIN Pads available in v8.01.20 and older do not require this information (and if present, it is ignored).

Enter the Merchant ID for web-based payments ("Card Not Present MID:") and the Token Key ("Card Not Present Token Key:") provided by EVO. Note that a standard Card Present Merchant ID and Token are issued but are not entered during setup because they are programmed into the PIN Pads by EVO.

Select the "Payment Mappings" button and use the list to map each standard payment type (in the left column) to the payment from the Keystroke payments list to which it should be assigned (every standard payment type should be mapped).

If using one or more PIN Pads, select the "PIN Pads..." button and use the PIN Pad List to enter the IP Address and Register and/or Machine Number for each PIN Pad to be used. If there is only one computer and one PIN Pad, use the Default entry to enter the PIN Pad IP Address. For larger setups, it is generally best to leave the Default entry set to None (leave the IP Address Blank) and create an entry for each computer that will have access to a PIN Pad and enter the IP Address for its PIN Pad.

If using EBT (SNAP), create and set the Authorization Methods for those payment types where the Card Type option in the Authorization Method matches the payment type ("EBT-Food" or "EBT- Cash").

Card On File payments are also supported by EVO. In order to use it you will need a "Card On File" payment type and unique Auth Method for it (see the Technical Info section below for more details).

Press [F10] to save everything that has been set up. The Test button on each Authorization Method set up screen can be used during set up to ensure everything is working correctly.

If using Gift Cards, use the Tables-Gift Cards menu to create and setup the Authorization Method for a new EVO Auth Method (e.g. "EVOGIFT") that uses the Card Type option "Gift Card".

Keystroke Direct Payment Processing supports surcharges. The surcharging configuration is set up using the Discount/Surcharge parameters for the Sales Payment Type. The Surcharge Amount should be entered as a percentage (the recommended maximum is 3.99% which is based on published information at the time this page was last updated). Note that charging a Surcharge is not permitted in all states and may have a different maximum in other states. If a surcharge is used, Keystroke displays the amount that is being requested. This amount is added to the charge total if permitted based on the Card Type. If the card type does not allow surcharging then no additional amount is added (and the surcharge amount is set to $0.00 for that transaction). All merchants should first consult with the appropriate professional and/or their payment processor to verify how the rules apply to their particular situation.

If no other PIN Pad is set up, and an EVO - Keystroke Direct Auth Method is attached to at least one sales payment type, then the "EVO - Keystroke Direct" PIN Pad is displayed. When the "EVO - Keystroke Direct" PIN Pad is displayed, the "Setup..." button can be used to display and edit the list of PIN Pads for all machines/registers. When accessed this way, the PIN Pad that is used by the current machine is highlighted when the list is displayed.

The "Active" processor for saving new Card On File cards for a customer is determined by the first Payment on the list of Sales Payments that has its Payment Type option set to Card On File. The processor used by that payment is determined by its Authorization Method. For "Cayan/TSYS/Global" the Auth Method should be "None" while the PIN Pad is set to Genius. For any other processor that supports Card On File, the Authorization Method should be set to a file that uses that processor.

On Screen Manual Entry - WebView2 - The "EVO - Keystroke Direct" manual card entry screen is a browser based program that requires Microsoft's Web View 2 module from the Edge browser. Whenever the manual card entry screen is displayed, it checks to ensure that this module is installed. If it isn't installed, Microsoft's installation program for it is automatically run.


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