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GasLink 2000 was a gas pump controller hardware/software system that was once used to link gas pumps to Keystroke. It has been obsolete since approximately 2005.

To set up Gas Link:

- Install and configure GasLink (following the GasLink instructions) before connecting it to Keystroke.

- To accommodate traditional gasoline pricing (e.g., $3.259 per gallon), Enable 3 Decimal Cost/Pricing in the Configuration Manager - Decimal Points Parameters.

Entry field - The Inventory database field used for Sales Entry.

Code Prefix - Select a character code, such as "G" for gasoline. Use this code (followed by a unique two digit number) to identify the Inventory gasoline item.

Port - Select the communications Port to which the GasLink pump controller is connected, normally a Serial Port (COM1, COM2, etc.), and press [Enter]. Enter any required Serial Port settings (Baud Rate, Parity, DataBits, StopBits, and Options supplied by the GasLink pump controller manufacturer).


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