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Check Readers read MICR data from checks. They may be used to authorize payments by check if the Authorization Method is set to use a MICR reader.

To use a Check Reader:

- Select Check Reader from the Configuration Manager Hardware menu.
- Select the Reader Type option to choose from the supported Check Reader models. Supported Check Readers include: Keyboard Wedge, IBM4610 Printer, Axhiom A721 Printer, and Epson TM600III.
- Select the Port option to choose the port to which the Check Reader is connected.

Setting an Authorization Method to use a MICR Reader

- Add an Authorization Method.
- Select the Authorization Type.

Authorization Types that work with a Check Reader include: KeyPay and In-House List w/ MICR Reader.

Using MICR Input with an In-House List

- Decide what type of In-House List to use.
- Add an Authorization Method using the In-House w/ MICR Reader type.
- Enter the References for the Customers to be listed. The references should be in MICR format.

- The MICR code consists of three parts:
Transit Number
Account Number
Check Number
The Transit and Account parts identify the Customer's account.
The Check part identifies the specific check.
Replace the Check part of the Code with an * (to ignore the check number).

For example, T1234567A0987654C* identifies the Customer by Transit (1234567) and Account (0987654) Number and to ignore the check number (following the C).

Note: Consult the documentation for the Check Reader to learn what it's MICR output looks like.


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