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The Closeout Parameters - Reports ("Print Closeout" button) Settings 1-4 options provide four different Closeout Report print out configurations all of which may include:

Printer - The Printer button defines the printer to which to print the Closeout Reports. Select a printer from the list of available printers.

Print To Screen - When Print To Screen is enabled, the Closeout Reports are displayed on the screen (rather than being sent to a printer or to a file).

Prompt Before Printing - When Prompt Before Printing is enabled, the Closeout Report printing function pauses to display the "Proceed with printing Closeout Report to the ###? [Yes], [No], [Cancel]" screen (where ### is replaced with the selected Printer setting options described above).

Reports to be Printed:

Cashout Report (Closeout)

Sales Report (Summary)

Deposits Used (when needed)

Deposits Used (always)

Payment Report

Credit Memo Report

Department Report


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