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Closeout - Clerk Closeout

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The Clerk Closeout screen (also sometimes referred to as a Blind Closeout) is displayed when the current Clerk's Security Level is insufficient to allow Full Closeout Functionality (as defined by the Configuration Manager - Security Levels - Closeout - Full Closeout Functionality setting).

It allows the Clerk to verify and enter register drawer amounts and print Closeout reports.

The Closeout Period is from the end of the previous Closeout to the current date and time.

The Date/Time Range may be changed if necessary.

The Count should be for payments entered during that period only.

Steps to completing a Closeout:

- Count the totals for each Payment Type (cash, checks, credit card receipts, etc).

- Press [Ins] to display a Calculator (if needed).

- Enter the totals in the Count column.

- If the Count is not what it should be, a message is displayed saying that it is either Over or Short. Press [Enter], enter a new amount, or press [Enter] again to accept the amount displayed.

- After completing the Count column and with the cursor on the bottom line, press [Enter] or select the Complete function from the Closeout menu.

- Select the Print Closeout button to print out the Closeout reports.

- Select Save and Exit to update the drawer amounts and leave the Closeout function.


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