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Accounting Link - Link Menu - Transfers

The Link Transfers function creates an ASCII delimited text file containing balanced journal entries for Inventory Transfers between stores from the Store-Link module.

Note: The Transfers option appears only if StoreLink files exist in the Data\ folder

From the Link Menu, select Transfers

Enter a Starting and Ending Date/Time range (or select one of the Change Date To button options) for which the journal entries should be created.

Select Ok or press [F10].

Keystroke generates the journal entry data file which can then be imported into the accounting application.

Note: [Shift]+[F8] will set the Start Time to 0:00am and the End Time to 11:59pm to ensure a full day time period.

Keystroke uses account numbers from both stores' Accounting Link Inventory account setup.

For example, if Inventory items are transferred from Store 1 to Store 2, Keystroke looks up the account numbers from STORE1\GLLINK.DAT and STORE2\GLLINK.DAT.


- The Date/Time range for which the journal entries are created should never overlap with that of a preceding Date/Time range.

- Back up the accounting application data BEFORE importing the journal entries created by Keystroke.

- Immediately after importing the journal entries from Keystroke, check to ensure the entries are correctly posted in the accounting application. If they are not posted correctly, restore the accounting application data backup.


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