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Accounting Link - Link To Peachtree by Sage - Parameters

In Keystroke:

- From the Setup Link To menu select Peachtree by Sage.

- In the Link Parameters:
Enter the folder (for example: C:\Keystroke)
Enter the filename General.CSV.
Turn ON the Suppress Zeros parameter.
The remaining 3 parameter flag settings are optional.

- Under the Link menu, select Sales, AR, Purch... and enter the date/time range for which journal entries should be created. The journal entries will be written to the file General.CSV.

In Peachtree by Sage:

- From the File Menu, choose Select Import/Export.

- Select General Ledger.

- Select General Journal.

- Click on Import.

- In the Show column, verify the following fields are un-checked:
Date Clear in Bank Rec
Job ID
Used for Reimbursable Expense
Transaction Period

- In the Show column, verify the following fields remain checked:
Number of Distributions
G/L Account

- Select Save.

- Enter a name to save this setting (Keystroke GL, for example).

- Select Save again.

- Click on Ok to import.

Note: The next time the Link is run, the setting Keystroke GL will be available to select.

Available Parameters when the Peachtree by Sage Link is selected:


File Name


Suppress Zeros flag

Update Lock Date flag

Purch - Use Dist Cost flag

Closeout - All Registers flag


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