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Post the cost of items based on the Distributed cost (Shipping & Discount included)

- When ON, the item's cost will include Shipping and Discounts based on the settings in Purchase Manager - Transaction - Parameters - Update - Distribute Discount & Distribute Shipping (weighted either by Quantity, Cost, or Weight).

- When OFF, the item's cost will be the Line Item Cost only.

The Purch-Use Dist. Cost parameter is ON by default.

Note: The Purchases - Use Distributed Cost parameter is ON by default and allows Keystroke to post Purchase Transactions using the Distributed Cost (also called Landed or Adjusted cost) which is the cost used to update the Average Cost when items are received and is therefore the cost of COGS for inventory items. If this parameter is turned off, the Accounting Link posts Purchase Transactions based on the line items' costs and the shipping and discount amounts for purchases need to be entered into the accounting system by another method.


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