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Accounting Link - Link To CYMA PAS III / GBS II - Parameters

Use the Link To - CYMA PAS III or GBS II setting to create journal entries which are posted directly to the General Ledger Recurring Entries file (the CYMA PAS III and GBS II General Ledgers do not include an import function).

In the Setup / Link To menu, select CYMA PAS III or GBS II.

In the Setup / Parameters menu, enter the required parameters settings (see below). To create the output file containing the journal entries, select Sales, AR, Purch... from the Link menu, enter the desired date time range, and select OK.

Setup Parameters for CYMA PAS III or GBS II:


File Name

Company Code


Prompt for Journal ID


Suppress Zeros flag

Update Lock Date flag

Purch - Use Dist Cost flag

Closeout - All Registers flag

To post journal entries, select the following menu options in CYMA PAS III or GBS II:

- Record Journal Entries
- Add, Change or Delete Recurring Entries to review.
- Generate Recurring Entries into Journal to post.


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