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Accounting Link - Link To AccPac BPI

IMPORTANT - Before running the Link function to AccPac BPI for the first time, please complete the folowing:

Run the batch file Keystroke\PrepBPI.BAT.

Note: It is only necessary to run the batch file one time. PrepBPI.BAT copies two files to the AccPac BPI program folder \BPIES (ImportGA.TXT and GJPost.KS). These files prepare the AccPac BPI accounting application to accept data from Keystroke.

Note: AccPac BPI does not check the date of the entry. The AccPac BPI's Select Company function should be used to set the appropriate period. Data should be linked one period at a time.

In the Setup / Link To menu, select AccPac BPI.

In the Setup / Parameters menu, enter the required parameters settings (see below). To create the output file containing the journal entries, select Sales, AR, Purch... from the Link menu, enter the desired date time range, and select OK.

Setup Parameters for AccPac BPI:


File Name


Suppress Zeros flag

Update Lock Date flag

Purch - Use Dist Cost flag

Closeout - All Registers flag


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