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INI File Setting - UseFrame

The UseFrame setting is used to turn the frame around the main Keystroke screen On or OFF.

When Keystroke v6.21 was released, the frame around the main Keystroke screen was turned off to make the size of the data entry area appear larger (the font size remained the same but more space was made available between the fields). Also, the BackgroundColor was changed to match that of other Windows programs. The previous look can be restored by using the UseFrame=1 INI File Setting and changing the Background color.

While the frame is said to be off, it really is still on but is only 2 pixels wide around the main screen and may still be seen around the toolbars. To truly turn it off, set BackgroundColor and FrameColor to the same color.

Has the same effect as the UseFrame startup switch.

UseFrame accepts the following values:
0 - Turn the Keystroke screen frame OFF.
1 - Turn the Keystroke screen frame ON.
Example: UseFrame=1


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