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INI File Setting - ToolbarsFile

The ToolbarsFile setting defines an alternate Toolbars file (TB.DAT).

Has the same effect as the ToolbarsFile= startup switch.

The Toolbars file controls how the Keystroke TouchScreen buttons look and function. The file is stored in the Keystroke\Data\Toolbars folder. The Keystroke TouchScreen Editor is used to make changes to the Keystroke TouchScreen button settings. The settings are saved in XML file format in the Toolbars file. Please see the Keystroke\Doc\Toolbars.txt file for more information about the settings supported by the TouchScreen Editor and Toolbar file. The Keystroke Button Editor is used to make changes to a single TouchScreen Button's properties. For more information about the Keystroke Button Editor, please see the Keystroke\Doc\BttnEdtr.txt file.


Note: The ToolbarsFile setting does NOT support a file path (the path is always "Toolbars\" below the Data Folder).


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