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INI File Setting - ReportButtonScale

The ReportButtonScale setting defines the size of the icons displayed in the Report Viewer in relation to the size of the Title Bar. By default, the icons are 1.5 times the height of the Windows title bar.

ReportButtonScale=# - where # is an integer (or decimal value)
Example: ReportButtonScale=1.75


Note: The icon images in the Report Viewer are displayed by files in the Keystroke\KSImages\Viewer\ folder. These images can be changed by copying different image files to the filenames that already exist.

The icons at the top of the Report Viewer window may be customized by modifying the icon properties stored in the RV.INI file, located in the data folder (or RV#.INI where # is the register number). An example of this file, including the default settings is located in the Keystroke\Files\ folder.

RV.INI Icon properties:

ButtonNum=# - Where # is a number. Used to identify each set of icon properties. No default.

Type= - 0-Hidden, 1-Button, 2-Text Field.

Macro= - If Type=1 -Number representing a Macro function. If Type=2 - 1=Page Number or 2=Percent Zoom.

Height= - Ratio to standard height.

Width= - Ratio to standard width.

TrackTop= - Top margin space before top of graphic is displayed.

TrackTopType= - 1-Pixels, 2-Twips, 3-Ratio of standard height.

TrackLeft= - Left margin space before left side of graphic is displayed.

TrackLeftType= - 1-Pixels, 2=Twips, 3=Ratio of standard width.

Align= - Text Alignment: L-Left, C-Center, R-Right

DisableWhen= - 1-FirstPage, 2-LastPage, 4-Only 1 Page, 8-Report Still Running.

PictureName= - Name of graphic file used to display button icon (folder path is NOT supported - the file must be located in the KSImages\Viewer\ folder).

Text= - Text to be displayed.

ToolTip= - Text to be displayed when mouse hovers over button.

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