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INI File Setting - Printers

The Printers setting defines an alternate Printers file (PRINTERS.DAT).

Has the same effect as the /P startup switch.

The Printers file contains Keystroke's Printer settings.

To use multiple Printers files:
- Enter the Printer settings that most or all workstations share.
- Make copies of the default Printers file (PRINTERS.DAT). Give each copy a standardized file name. For example: PRINTERS1.DAT, PRINTERS2.DAT, PRINTERS3.DAT, etc.
- Use the Printers= INI file setting to assign a different Forms file to each workstation.
- Change the Printer settings for each workstation as required.


NOTE: If the Printers Setting is used to define an alternate Printers file and a file extension is not included, the .DAT Data File Extension is added to it (e.g. "PRINTERS=PrintersR1" sets the Printers data file to "PrintersR1.dat"). It is recommended to always include the data file extension (normally ".DAT") because it is easier to see exactly what is being requested. If no file extension is desired, add just a period to the filename (e.g. "PRINTERS=PrintersR1.").

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