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INI File Setting - MNUM

IMPORTANT: the recommend method for assigning Machine Numbers is to use the MNUM=RNUM startup switch which assigns each computer's Machine Number based on and equal to its Register Number. For example, the following command line assigns Machine Number 5 to the computer:

Keystroke.exe /R5 MNUM=RNUM.

Note: It is NOT recommended to use the MNUM= setting in an INI file to assign the Machine Number (because Keystroke may assign the Machine Number before the INI files settings are read).

Note: When using the MNUM=RNUM startup switch, it is recommended to use it on each & every computer.

The MNUM setting assigns a Machine Number (which should be unique) to the computer when Keystroke is run. The Machine Number is used to uniquely identify each computer running Keystroke and is required when configuring multiple cash drawers per computer or when enabling Till Tracking with Till Assignments. When using the MNUM= setting, it is recommended to use it on each & every computer.

Has the same effect as the MNUM= startup switch.

MNUM=# - where # can be any integer.
Example: MNUM=5

The next available Machine Number.

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