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INI File Setting - COM

The COM setting defines which COM control Keystroke uses to communicate with a serial ports.

Keystroke usually uses MSCOMM32.OCX for serial output only (e.g. pole displays), and SAXCOMM8.OCX if serial input is expected (e.g. Scales). This setting can be used to force Keystroke to always use either MSCOMM32 (setting is "COM=1") or SAXCOMM8 (setting is "COM=2").

Note: this setting does not specify a serial port such as COM1: or COM2:, but specifies the use of one method or another and should only be used in cases where a system is not working correctly with one of these two communications controls.

Has the same effect as the COM startup switch.

COM=1 (forces the use of the MSCOMM32 controller, even if 2-way communication is required).


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